Meet Nigel 

What good is my life, if I can't help others with their's.

Nigel Byam

Entrepreneur, author motivational speaker, basketball coach and much more.

Nigel is a former professional basketball player, current entrepreneur, content creator, and author. His accomplishments and professional endeavors have already reached multiple fields but he doesn’t plan on stopping there. Nigel prides himself on being a positive individual and making an impact on the world. Some of his recent fields of work are in coaching, mentoring and modeling. 


Nigel Byam can attest his up bringing to that of the streets of Flatbush, Brooklyn and Grenada. 


Not a product of his environment Nigel always stood aside from the rest and saw his life apart from the streets that seemed to downgrade the youth in the area into a dark hole. Going to Edward Murrow high school, he was afforded the opportunity to extend his educational prowess in a prestigious school that was ranked second best in the city during his years of attendance there. He always had a passion for basketball and utilizing his talent, he made his way into college and began an upward track toward being a professional basketball player. 


Afforded the opportunity to play college basketball, he has excelled with such accreditations as 2008 Junior College All American, playing at a Division I College basketball program and ultimately achieving ending his career on the highest level as a Professional basketball player. One of his passions is to give back to the community specifically reaching the youth. He has participated in, as well as organized various clinics for the youth. Teaching them life skills and basketball tips. He has done this all over the five boroughs in NY and in different states within America , in addition to Grenada and many other places around the world. 


Nigel Byam isn't designed with the average basketball player preconceived notions. A man that stands alone in his class he is a man of the respect, whose goal is to inspire and motivate others.


Currently, Nigel uses a lot of his time running his business BRAND NB, LLC & BRAND NB FOUNDATION. With BRAND NB, LLC Nigel has a mentoring and sports education program which helps athletes make it to the next level and a clothing line whose partial proceeds go back towards the successfulness of his nonprofit. 


With BRAND NB FOUNDATION he mainly operates on the island of Grenada but also does sporting events worldwide with the motivation to positively impact communities through the unity and joy that sports can uncover.


Nigel also has a YouTube channel that displays various different things from vlogging, video podcast and interviews on a number of different topics spanning the sports world to motivational messages . 


A man of many caps, but his overall goal is to positively make an impact the world!