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N'Sight TV

N'Sight is a platform that is used to share positive people and positive things they are doing to impact everything around them. Creator and host Nigel Byam is a former professional basketball player that has a passion to positively impact everything around him, so he created this platform to share positivity. This platform will cover interviews, features, NB Vlogs and some amazing discussions and debates with various individuals from all around the world.

"Each one, Teach one"

Brand NB Foundation

BRAND-NB Foundation inc. is an international nonprofit organization that uses sports as an outlet to provides tools, opportunities, tournaments and seminars with the goal of social change and youth development. Brand-NB Foundation we see sports as a platform where youths will benefit. Our energies are focused on creating an environment where we can address social issues that plague our youth. This foundation will create partnerships with local teams and groups to create mentoring programs. Through sports as the vehicle to empower change we affiliate with local teams abroad and internationally to reach youths and we also connect with athletes on a professional level to inspire and build lasting networking connections for the youths. The long term goal of the foundation is to have a community center and sporting complex based in Grenada.